Services Provided by Healthier Dwelling for the Home Owner

Make sure you receive all available savings, incentives, rebates and tax credits

For many Americans, the most valuable asset we have is our home. Did you know that you can keep the value of your home and even get money out of your home right now by taking advantage of new programs to reward green construction? Healthier Dwelling can perform the necessary home energy assessment, computer modeling, Title 24 energy analysis, and comparison of proposed improvements in terms of cost effectiveness, pay back, and return on investment.

Learn how Realtors and Mortgage lenders are preparing for the rising market in sustainable buildings

Healthier Dwelling will help you understand the sustainability principles that allow you to take advantage of the emerging critieria for appraising green buildings. By using the "GreenPoint Rating" system registered with Build It Green, Healthier Dwelling can make sure that new and existing homes satisfy a growing number of local Green Building Ordinances. If you qualify, the rewards may include expedited plan check, lower permit fees, plus a variety of incentives, rebates and tax credits offered by local, state, federal governments and utility companies.

Take advantage of an Energy Efficient Mortgage

An Energy Efficient Mortgage can include an additional $8 thousand for energy efficiency upgrades, such as  insulation, HVAC duct sealing & equipment efficiency change outs, solar water heating, building envelope sealing and double pane low-E windows.  This extra money is approved at the same low rate of interest without having to show any additional income, since the decrease in utility bills more than pays for the small additional mortgage interest.

Evaluate the health and energy consumption of your home and work place

Indoor Air Quality is two to four times less healthy than outdoor air quality on the average.  Almost everyone has a family member or friend afflicted with asthma or allergies, and these respiratory ailments are on the rise among children. Make your home safer, healthier, and more comfortable by identifying and eliminating toxic building & cleaning materials. Some of these culprits are the paints and adhesives emitting volatile organic compounds, cabinets containing formaldehyde, excessive moisture inside, inadequate ventilation, as well as leaking HVAC systems and the building envelope. 

Appraisal Repair

Lenders are reevaluating home loans and lines of credit. Get the appraisal of your home raised by documenting and upgrading the green and sustainable features of your home. You may even be able to get your lender to reinstate the full value of your equity line of credit after it has been cut based on “desk top valuation” of depressed sales in your area which are not really “comparable” to your house. For more about the advantages of green improvements, see our article on "Third Party Certified Green Homes Results in Faster Sales and Higher Home Values."

Compare the desireability and cost effectiveness of  various improvements

Healthier Dwelling will show you ways to save energy and lower your your utllity bills. By doing a computer model of your home as an energy system and by trying out various possible improvements, Healthier Dwelling can help you make an informed decision about which improvements are most cost effective and which fit in best with whatever remodeling or construction plans you already have in motion. Whenever you work on one part of your home, there are almost always things you can do to improve the health and energy of the whole home.

Get ready for the next drought

Marin County and most of California is dangerously low on water supplies. Even with rationing, we do not have enough water to meet existing consumer demand in a repeat of the drought of recorde (1976-77). In addition, 20% of our energy is spent treating and moving water. Through water conservation you can reduce your water needs, lower your water bill and your gas and electric bills at the same time. Healthier Dwelling can help you with engineered plumbing, “on demand” and re-circulating hot water, water-saving fixtures & appliances, gray water irrigation, water-saving and drought tolerant landscaping, rainwater catchment and entrapment,

Find qualified people and financial resources to get started

Healthier Dwelling has a network of qualified and tested Bulding Performance and specialty contractors who would be glad to give you proposals for the improvements you want in your home. Healthier Dwelling also has a network of green realtors and lenders who can help arrange financing for your energy efficient improvements.

Follow through to be sure the job gets done right and on time                                             

A remodel can be nerve-racking. Healthier Dwelling can advocate on your behalf through the design process and even manage the construction of a green home remodel or addition by helping you choose contractors, schedule their work, and make sure the gets the job done right and on time.