Healthier Dwelling Qualifications

Peter Waring and Healthier Dwelling are proud members of several organizations who are at the forefront of green and sustainable building and energy conservation:

CHEERS is one of three providers licensed by the State of California to train, certify, and monitor individuals using the Home Energy Rating System, commonly called "HERS raters." As a HERS rater, Peter Waring is certified to evaluate the relative energy efficiency of a home and estimate the cost effectiveness of various possible energy improvements. This is essential to qualify the Homeowner or Home buyer for an Energy Efficient Mortgage and Federal Tax credits.

Build It Green has developed the fastest growing rating system for homes in California. Peter Waring has qualified Healthier Dwelling to serve as GreenPoint Rater for both new and existing homes. The most accessible entry into Greenpoint Rating for an existing home is through the "Elements" of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource conservation, and water conservation. Many cities and counties are requiring GreenPoint Rating to satisfy their new Green Building Ordinances. Applicants for green building permits are often rewarded with expedited permit review and lower fees.

The CBPCA is an association of California contractors dedicated to improving "building performance." This is the application of Building Science to measure and improve energy efficiency, health (including indoor air quality), safety and durability of the buildings in which we live and work.  Peter Waring is certifed to conduct the cbpca evaluation of buildings, including blower door testing of building envelope, duct testing, and combustion air zone, carbon monoxide and other vital safety tests. Healthier Dwelling is able to refer home owners and builders to CBPCA and other quality contractors. In 2009, CBPCA will be offering incentives and rebates to homeowners who make substantial gains in the performance of their buildings.

The California Association of Building Energy Consultants. As a member of CABEC, Peter Waring stays current on Tax Credit, Incentive and Rebate programs and is preparing to move forward with the new Title 24 California State Energy Code as it takes effect on July 1, 2009.  As a Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE), Peter Waring will help you maximize the energy efficiency of your new home or remodel design BEFORE it is submitted for Plan Review by your local building department. This often results in expedited plan check and approval and makes sure that you receive all the incentives you deserve for your green design.

CalCERTS, Inc. was approved by the California Energy Commission to become a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Provider. The company's mission is to fill the growing need in the Energy Efficiency industry for a technically superior, yet customer-oriented HERS Provider. CalCERTS, Inc. is a private organization that provides service, support, training and certification to HERS raters. HERS raters are independent contractors who are either independently operated or who sub-contract to larger energy rating firms. Raters charge their customers for site ratings and pay a fee to CalCERTS, Inc. for processing the ratings and issuing certification.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) sets technical standards nationwide for the certification of Building Analyst, Shell Specialists, Heating Specialists, and Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Specialists. Peter Waring has passed the written tests for the first three of these Building Performance professionals and is in the process of arranging proctored field tests to complete these certifications. Consequently, Healthier Dwelling will provide the highest level of testing and analysis for your building.